Upmarket dating agencies

5 Aug

If you are a single professional, there’s a wide variety of introduction agencies to choose from.

Dating agency london

Dating agency london

Each one has it’s own unique selling points, but the price can vary widely!

There are certain luxury bespoke introduction agencies that provide matchmaking services to people earning over a certain amount.  You’ll find a higher class of  rich, successful and even celebrity singles on their books.

Of course, meeting them comes at a price !The more exclusive dating agencies are aimed at high earning singles and can charge fees of £10,000 and more.  So you have to make sure that you are joining the right one to make sure you aren’t wasting an awful lot of money.

If you can afford it then these high-end dating agencies can be the best investment you ever make.  These companies do offer a fantastic service and they will work incredibly hard to find you a partner.  As well as the usual matching and headhunting, they will often search overseas and in other countries to help you.   Or they could offer a concierge service to make sure every aspect of your love life is covered.

If you are interested in a more elite dating agency then please use the contact form to discuss options with me.

Remember, I offer a completely free dating expert advice service.  There is no obligation to join any agency but I can help you make an informed choice.


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